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Here you can find all about 90 days planning system, free planning, and writing resources and learn how to organize your time, which will help you to set up and achieve your goals.


Let’s make plan!

I help people to find the best from the life, set and achieve their goals, by using specific planning 90 days system, that I have been using for years. By learning how to plan your year, months, weeks and days you will make a space in your life to do the things you like!


Are you a writer?

Plan, outline, write! With a help that I offer you will write your novels faster than before. You will learn about plotting and building a new world for your novel. Learn about writing sprints, tracking and techniques that will help you to improve your writing skills!

Free resources

Printable? YES!

Free resources for your planners, pages, trackers, calendars, made to help everyone to spend less time working, and organise their lives. You will get in the future workbooks, journal pages, mini planners, sticker and decorating ideas, that will make your planner prettier!

A new round of planning course starts on
November 6th.

FREE PLANNER! If you would like to learn more about how to plan and organize your tasks join me in this course 🙂 We are going live for each class, where you will learn how to achieve your goals, and you will get a FREE planner that you can use anytime!

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Mimmy’s life clover is a place where you can enjoy and learn. Help that you can find here is valuable and will give you a chance to make a change in your life and a huge impact in achieving your dreams.

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